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Slope Unblocked

About Slope Unblocked


Slope Unblocked is one of the best run games. Control the ball fly through the endless 3D slope, avoid the deep. See how far you can go in this slope game.

With simple controls, breakneck speeds, this game has addictive gameplay. To see how far you can go, you must control the ball, follow the course line, avoid red blocks and the deep.

Start playing the game by controlling your ball crash through different slopes using the keyboard arrow keys. On the track, try to avoid all obstacles, fall to the deep, or touch the red block because you must start a new game if you fail. The real-time gameplay is responsive, requiring just minor adjustments to the ball and control and guidance through the maze.

To get a high score, try to keep the ball for as long as possible. Playing on a hill can help players relax while also improving your reflexes.

Development & Release date

Slope Unblocked was developed and released by Rob Kay, a well-known games developer who has worked on other popular titles. The game was made with the Unity framework, which has been used to develop millions of internet and console games.

The first launched on Y8 in 2014 and became popular with players.

Features of the game

  • Experience beautiful tracks and amazing downhill speed.
  • Random ramps are continuously changed.
  • The challenge is increased the further you go.
  • Retro graphics, lively sounds attract participants.

How to controls slope unblocked game?

Control your ball with the arrow keys, avoid the red block and the deep.

  • LEFT ARROW = Move Left
  • RIGHT ARROW = Move Right

Tips to play

  • Keep the ball in the middle of the track: to minimize the risk of mistakes because it allows you to slide to the left or right faster.
  • Plan your moves while the ball is flying: allowing you a moment to compose your plan and make the controls.


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