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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm


Interesting puzzles in Apple Worm need your intelligence to find the answer. Transform into a worm to eat an apple, and increase its body length to pass the level.

Crazy puzzles keep you focused on thinking. As mentioned, you need to eat the apple and go through the portal. But to complete these tasks, you do not have to control the worm to go around in the maze. The maze has many shapes with slots that make your worms will be trapped. Turning or getting out of the maze may not be possible, and you have to start over. In addition, eating apples and increasing the length of the snake's body can also cause it to get stuck, so you need to consider crossing the crack first or eating the apple first. Remember, you have to eat apples, or you will not be long enough to pass the maze. More than that, another danger is lurking for you. You can fall when the worm can not cling to any maze surface. Pay attention to the things mentioned above to continue the game.

The leaderboard of Apple Worm

The ranking is divided by level. You will be ranked on the leaderboard every time you complete a level. The leaderboard will show the time you complete a level and the number of steps that you control the worm. Those who have a short time to play the level will get a high position in the rankings. In addition, the leaderboard is also divided by day, week, month, and all playing time. Try to put your name on the leaderboard.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control. 


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