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Crazy Tunnel 3D

About Crazy Tunnel 3D


Crazy Tunnel 3D is a platformer, you will control a small planet in the galaxy and you must avoid various obstacles- try to go as far as you can.

Throughout the game, the player will travel far beyond Earth's atmosphere and into deep space. To begin, while in the vicinity of Mercury, the participant will go through a brief tutorial. Pay close attention and make sure to carefully follow each of the game's hints.

Crazy Tunnel 3D is an arcade game that will put your geometry and logic skills to the test. You must use angles, slopes, and mirrors to shoot the ball through a series of tunnels while avoiding traps and other obstacles. Each level has a different visual theme, but the gameplay is the same: guide the ball through an intricate labyrinth while avoiding traps and solving puzzles along the way. To progress through the levels, you must collect stars hidden throughout each stage.

How to play:

Left and Right keys to move sideways. Hold up key to jump, release up key to land.


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