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Crossy Road

About Crossy Road


Crossy Road is a 3D game set in a bustling city. You must cross roads, rivers, and railway lines without being shot. Along the way, collect many coins.
Coins may be used to unlock additional characters from the Bonus Machine! Keep an eye out for traffic and cross lanes at the appropriate moment. You will run out of time if you wait too long to move. The ultimate test of time and guts is Crossy Road.
The game is simply a randomly generated version of Frogger, with players controlling a chicken trying to traverse roads and rivers as far as possible since the globe is continually scrolling behind them, and an eagle will come and swoop them up, which is reason enough to get in gear. The eagle will come for us all one day, or we will be hit by a train or swept into rapids. This is how the universe operates.

How to play

Arrow keys (or WASD) to move.


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