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Downhill Ski

About Downhill Ski


Downhill Ski gives you a real snow mountain skiing experience. You must control an athlete to ski, avoid many obstacles on the road, and reach the finish line.

Have you skied on the rugged snow mountain yet? In this game, you will transform into a professional skier and conquer the snow mountain. On the road, there are many obstacles, such as fences and rocks. They are distributed throughout the track, so you must keep your attention to not collide with them. Furthermore, your vision will sometimes be limited by your character who is directly in front of and in the centre of the track. As a result, it will be difficult for you to see some barriers in front of you. Please change the direction of your athlete and you can continue to be able to observe the running track closely. Can you get many scores? Let’s try to be the person who has the highest scores.  

Some tips for you in Downhill Ski

  • Let’s ski on the central track to avoid hitting the wall of the track. The snow track is very large, so you can ski freely. 
  • Steer turn left and right constantly. Avoiding the obstacles when getting close to them is a prohibition. If you do not want to lose, do not do it.
  • Meet the required number of points for each level to win.

How to play

Use the left and right arrow keys to play.



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