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Earn to Die 2

About Earn to Die 2


Earn to Die 2 is set in a world where the struggle for survival is told through the eyes of only a few people who have survived the zombie apocalypse.

Hordes of zombies have taken over the world. One of the last survivors is the player. The goal is to collect resources and kill zombies as you travel from city to city. Only an old car with a limited amount of fuel is available to the player. Players can earn money by hitting and crushing zombies to upgrade their vehicles and weapons.

Cars & upgrades: Aside from various gadgets, you can also purchase brand-new vehicles. New vehicles have significantly increased speed, transmission, and other stats when compared to previous models. You will need a large sum of money to purchase these vehicles.


  • Keep in mind that there are alternate routes, or shortcuts, available when driving through the map. If you're brave enough to check these shortcuts and thoroughly explore the map, you'll be able to cover more ground from time to time.
  • When it comes to collecting cash in the game, keep in mind that the more distance you travel, the more cash you'll be able to collect, and more cash means better upgrades and even new vehicles. So give it your all to go as far as you can and overcome all obstacles.

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How to play

  • Left: brake.
  • Righ: accelerator.
  • Up: tild up (uphill/jump/smash)
  • Down: tilt down (downhill speed)


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