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Getting Over It

About Getting Over It


Getting Over It is a strange, fun, and humorous game with restricted gameplay. You will control the character to climb over the obstacles.

Platform games are a type of video game that is a subgenre of action games. The player-controlled character in a platformer must jump and climb over suspended platforms while avoiding obstacles. The environment frequently has uneven terrain of varying heights that players must traverse. Players typically have some control over the height and distance of the jump, ensuring that their character does not die or miss necessary jumps.

The jump button is the most common unifying element of games in this genre. However, there are now other options, such as swiping the touchscreen. Other acrobatic maneuvers, such as swinging from vines or grappling hooks, as in Ristar or Bionic Commando, can be included in the game. Or, as in Alpha Waves, jumping from a skateboard or trampoline. Games in which jumping is fully automated, such as The Legend of Zelda series' 3D games, fall outside of this category.


  • Take your time - going too quickly will send you back to where you started!
  • Use the hammer to carefully lever yourself over difficult terrain.
  • Maintain your cool and try again.

How to play:

Use mouse.


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