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Happy Wheels

About Happy Wheels


The races are never boring, enjoy right away the Happy Wheels game space with dangerous and challenging tracks. Choose a character and embark on a journey to overcome difficult racetracks laden with perilous obstacles.

Happy Wheels is a fantastic game with great graphics and a lot of fun. The main goal of the game is to avoid dying until you reach the finish line. You must navigate through the levels using one of several unique characters without being torn limb from limb. There are very detailed levels and it's about avoiding the pitfalls and tricks without dying in them, along with strange devices, wheelchairs, and so on. You can expect a lot of gaming fun, as well as some bloody scenes and dangerous traps!

Besides Happy Wheels, you should try to play Slope Unblocked, one of the most exciting speed games.

How to play

  • P - straighten arms and legs.
  • Down - curl into a ball.
  • Left - push arms and legs backward.
  • Right - straighten legs and press arms forwards.
  • Shift - push out arms.
  • Ctrl - pull-in arms.
  • Space - grab.


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