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Hello Guys

About Hello Guys


Hello Guys is a fun new arcade platformer game in which you'll have to overcome a variety of challenges. Slide, run, race, and navigate dangerous and bizarre obstacles with online opponents! It will become more difficult with each level; Try to use all of your skills in Fall Guys games to stay on top at all times.

There will be seven different tracks to choose from, as well as seven different mini-games to play and tons of opponents to compete against in fun races to prove who is the best and reach the top of the podium. Steal eggs and deliver them to the opposing nest faster than your opponents, navigate a stage full of obstacles, traps, and barriers without being left behind, test your memory by remembering the location of the fruit that will save your life, jump as high as you can to hit the ball as many times as possible before the time runs out, and enjoy endless adventures.

Besides Hello Guys, you should try to play Slope Unblocked, one of the most exciting speed games.

How to play

  • ←: Move Left
  • →: Move Right
  • ↑ : Jump
  • A: Move Left
  • D: Move Right
  • W: Jump


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