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Island Survival 3D


About Island Survival 3D


Island Survival 3D is a challenging adventure game in which you have to control a ball to go through interconnected wooden bridges to reach the finish line.

In this game, you have to take control of a ball to go through interconnected wooden bridges. Be careful! The bridges are super narrow and full of dangerous obstacles and traps. If your ball falls into the water or bumps into the obstacles, you will lose a heart and go back to the starting point. Note that you have only 5 hearts. The game is over if you run out of hearts. Therefore, it is a good idea to control the ball to roll at a slow speed. Don’t forget to collect the green cube to get diamonds. A green cube is worth one diamond. Try your best to reach the finish line safely to escape from this desert island. Spend the diamonds you earn at the shop to purchase a variety of colourful balls. 

This game features 60 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Keep in mind that the higher the level, the more challenging it is. Do your best to complete all of them. Come on! Play this game now and entertain with this game. 

Features of Island Survival 3D:

  • 60 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty
  • Various balls to purchase
  • A variety of deadly obstacles and traps
  • Awesome 3D visuals and relaxing music tunes

How to play:

Use the “WASD” or “ARROW KEYS” to move.

Use the mouse to swipe left or right to rotate the camera view.



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