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About Murder


Murder is an enjoyable assassination game. You want to kill the king so that you can control the kingdom in his stead. Look out for the assassins right behind.

After successfully assassinating the monarch by assuming his identity, you must defend yourself from other assassins who would like to carry out the same exact assassination as you! Never turn your back for too long, and keep a close check on things! Do you possess the necessary qualities to become the assassin king?

New Tips & Guide:
You can discover how to play all of the mobile murder kill the king chronicles with the murder kill the king guide! This app consists solely of free murder-related tips and methods. Here are some facts that can be helpful to you. For advanced and beginner players, this is ideal.
Play the well-known multiplayer game on the murder kills the king app to get the greatest gaming experience.

How to play

Hold the space bar to charge your stab and press the space bar to look behind.



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