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Power Flow

About Power Flow


Power Flow is an electrical circuit puzzle game, you will begin with an electrical source and your goal is to direct that current to an electrical device.

Because the current must always flow in the same direction, you must be cautious about the type of part you use to ensure that everything works properly. Hurry, because you will only have a limited amount of time in each level, so you must act quickly to overcome each challenge.

Basic rules:

To build a circuit, you usually only need to create a complete path.

Take note of how the wires are oriented.

While most wires can be used in either direction, some wires can only be used in one direction. The arrows should always point away from the voltage source and toward the electrical load.

Pay attention to the voltage level as well, as some wires act as transformers, stepping up or down the voltage. Your final voltage must be within the range of the meter.


There are 25 levels to complete, each with a unique puzzle to solve.

Challenge mode with an infinite number of random puzzles.

High Definition (1280×768 and 768×1024)

How to play:

Use the mouse


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