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Red Light Green Light

About Red Light Green Light


Red Light Green Light is a famous game- begin the game by running hard when the girl's back is to you, the green light is on, and she turns her head, the red light is on, and you must not move, otherwise you will be murdered!

The game's action is straightforward, 0 your entire activity will be determined by how well you manage to coordinate your movements across a large field so that you are not discovered moving by armed people watching you. As you can see, you are surrounded by people wearing green suits similar to yours and running towards the robot doll. The robot doll is defended by a group of soldiers armed with machine guns, who will shoot at anyone who moves when the red light turns on.

The entire game will proceed in this manner: you will only be able to approach the doll when the green light is turned on. When this light bulb becomes red, you must halt immediately, if you don't, you will be shot by individuals monitoring you from the fringe of the battlefield. When the light bulb turns red, the entire platform you're standing on turns red. Another significant feature is that above the tree where you must proceed is a clock that runs counterclockwise, informing you how many seconds you have until you reach the robot's face.

How to play:

Use the mouse.


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