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About Rubek


Rubek is a fun puzzle game. Your task is to roll the cubes through the color tiles on the way so that their faces do not match and pass the level.

This is a game that simulates a real-life Rubik's game. However, there is a difference from the game Rubik that you do not need to rotate the cube so that their faces are the same color. In this game, you just have to make the cube roll over the color on the road and color the cube. It sounds simple, but you need a clear strategy. Because the path is divided into smaller tiles, you will go into the squares where there are pluses to dye a face for the cube. Then you have to calculate all the ways to make a face with the same color as the color of the next brick to be able to pass and proceed to the finish line. Not all roads are easy to cross. The cube's color rule is so complicated that it takes time to figure out the most effective way.

The game offers puzzles to help you train your brain. You will have to devise a special strategy to make the cube reach the finish line. Use every way you can to complete the mission and reach the next level.

Features of Rubek:

  • There are many levels to try.
  • Simple gameplay, easy to control.
  • Rigorous game rules.
  • Challenging puzzles require thinking.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

Using “WASD” keys or using click and drag to play.



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