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Snow Rider

About Snow Rider


The rugged snowy terrain in Snow Rider cannot stop your conquest. The game requests you to drive the sleigh to avoid obstacles and collect many gifts.

Huge snowy mountains are waiting for you to conquer. This place is covered with snow all year round. Everywhere is thick white snow covering the path. You will be immersed in the winter air, feeling the beautiful scenery. Use the sleigh to start your journey. You will encounter countless large tree stumps, and if you do not dodge them in time, you will crash into them and cause the sleigh to be damaged. Besides, there are also giant snowmen that make the road you conquer more difficult. Avoid all of them. Finally, the snowballs roll to the left and then roll to the right. They can crush you anytime, so avoid them as quickly as possible.

In addition to the obstacles, you can also receive a lot of attractive gifts. Head over to those gifts to get them. However, you need to be aware that gifts are often placed in a rather dangerous position, causing you to lose your life at any time. You should consider whether or not you want to accept the gift for your safety.

The features of Snow Rider

  • All rules are simple to understand. Make sure you comprehend them completely. So, you can easily become a master if you spend enough time playing.
  • It is not necessary that you have any experience. The most important thing is that you truly want something that can help you let your hair down instantly.
  • The 3D graphics and relaxing sound exhilarate the game, and you will immerse yourself in this game.

How to play

Up arrow key to jump.

Left arrow key to steer left.

Right arrow key to steer right



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