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Trap The Mouse

About Trap The Mouse


Trap The Mouse is an online game themed with rats and cheesecakes. To catch and keep the mouse, you must use all of your cunning and ingenuity.

You're in the kitchen when the rats break in and eat the cheese. Text in a table cell made up of several small hexagons that become bold when you click on it. The mouse actions will be coordinated with the rest of the screen's actions. If you come too close, it will try to flee, so proceed with extreme caution. Join Trap The Mouse right now to avoid missing out on any great possibilities!

As soon as the mouse leaves the board, the game is finished. Keep in mind that you start with 20,000 points and that each click costs you 50 points. That's why it's critical to catch the rodent as soon as possible.

How to play:

Use the mouse and keyboard.


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