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Vex 7

About Vex 7


Vex 7 is a parkour stickman platformer in which you use your stickman to leap across deadly obstacles. This journey is both long and dangerous.

Step onto the most dangerous platforms ever created, take on various challenges, complete daily quests, and collect treasures! Claim your rewards and unlock new outfits for your hero as he progresses through this maze of traps and enemies!

Vex is on another dangerous mission, and you are welcome to join him! Climbing walls, hitting armed enemies with air attacks, and dodging spikes while moving between levels are all part of your job! Every second you spend in this world is designed to push your limits further, but keep in mind that completing the missions will be handsomely rewarded. You can proceed to the first level by pressing the play button, or you can warm up your fingers in the Tower of Terror. This infinite game mode will challenge you to set new records while earning extra gold. To proceed to the first level, proceed past the platform and follow the instructions. To slide, jump, and run, use the arrow keys. Continue jumping in order to reach higher surfaces. To attack enemies and break the glass blocks, press the spacebar. Discover all levels by mastering your reflexes!


  • 2D graphics that are colorful
  • Vex levels have been updated.
  • Options for game modes
  • Daily quests and prizes
  • Skins can be unlocked.

How to play:

Move: "WASD" or "Arrow keys"
Jump: "W" or "Up arrow


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