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Yeti Sensation

About Yeti Sensation


Let's participate in the dramatic track in Yeti Sensation. You will help the chimpanzee run far, avoid obstacles and collect a lot of berries.

Many big traps will be set on the track, and if you do not dodge in time, your chimpanzee will be caught. Large crates that block the road will be used to capture it. In addition, large logs cause the chimpanzee to stumble, and the rolling stone will crush it. It would be best if you pressed the A and D keys to help it dodge obstacles and go as far as possible.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of strawberries on the road. First, collect them to buy more necessary items, including magnets, jump buttons, rockets, etc. Magnets help you get more strawberries without going directly through them. Moreover, the rocket will help you go faster and destroy obstacles for some time. The jump button enables you to jump over the big holes on the road. Be careful not to be caught.

The shop in Yeti Sensation

The store sells a lot of items to help you to participate in the race as smoothly as possible. Hats and armor will allow the character to break all objects on the road. However, it is only valid for a particular time. The next item is shoes that will help you to increase speed. Finally, the magnet and hammer will help you collect more strawberries and remove obstacles. So, you can eat as many strawberries as possible and buy everything in the shop.

How to play

Use the A and D keys or arrow keys to control.



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