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About JustFall.LOL


JustFall.LOL is a new online game, you have to become the last penguin alive, not falling from the hexagon.
In each game, you will be joined by eight other real players who will be in charge of adorable penguins. You'll face off against them! The goal is to stay on the ice for as long as possible before falling into the water. You can expect a lot of levels, interesting puzzles, and well-deserved victories!

In an online multiplayer game, how do you control the penguins?

You don't need any special skills; Just use the navigation keys on your computer to play with the penguin in the game hexagon crash, move, jump, slide.

You must move around the hexagon as quickly as possible while avoiding falling. While jumping or moving nonstop, the tiles will collapse.

There are three levels in this multiplayer penguin game. The game begins at the top of the first floor. You will fall to the second floor if you do not use the corner of your hand to jump from one tile to another quickly. If you fall to the third floor, you will not be able to play this 1v1 game again until you reach the fourth floor.

You must be the last penguin on the hexagon on the last floor. You'll win this online multiplayer game if you're the last penguin standing!

Beside JustFall.LOL, you can try to play Slope Unblocked, one of the most exciting speed games.

How to play

  • Move: WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump: spacebar
  • Dive: shift or right mouse button


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