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Snake Game

About Snake Game


Snake Game is an arcade classic that is played utilizing the vertical axis. The goal is to eat as many apples as you can without being eaten by snakes.

Take to the Snake Game battlefield to see who the greediest, slithiest snake in the game is. Slither around the arena like a snake, picking up food scraps and becoming the fattest snake in town.

Holding the left mouse button allows you to move quickly. This expends the energy from the food you consumed. You can be a cunning little snake and sweep in front of other players to eliminate them. When you kill another snake, they leave all the food for you to eat!

Tips and Tricks:

  • When you're small, you can move quickly and take more risks.
  • Follow the crown to find the game's largest snake.
  • When you're big enough, form a circle and trap other snakes.
  • Make yourself an absolute unit and use your size to intimidate others.

How to play:

  • Move the mouse / WASD / arrow keys = to move
  • Hold left-click / space = go faster


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