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Dirt Bike MotoCross

About Dirt Bike MotoCross


Dirt Bike Motocross is an engaging racing game. Control your motorcycle to overtake other players and become the first to reach the finish line.

You can choose to play against two, four, or six people who come from many countries around the world. They are randomly assigned to play against you. You will join them in the game and try to be the winner. On the track, you will realize that the road is not smooth and it is very bumpy. There are also obstacles. You need to keep the handlebars steady so you do not fall down. If you fall, it will take you more time to move on. That will make your opponent pass you. Flexible use of arrow keys and the first motorcycle riders to cross the finish line may be yours.

Upgrade your motor with the money you get after each race. You will have a brand new motorcycle with more advanced features. One will have different characteristics in performance, speed, and acceleration. To have more money, you need to reach the finish line in the shortest time. There will be a bar showing your position and the others are on the track. It allows you to know where you are and need more speed to be able to overtake your opponent and reach the finish line.

Features of Dirt Bike MotoCross: 

  • Perfect graphics, and dynamic sound.
  • You can try many different levels.
  • Motorcycles with various features, such as performance, speed, and acceleration, can be upgraded.
  • Multiplayer.

How to play: 

Up Arrow to forward

Down Arrow to backward.

Right Arrow to turn right

Left Arrow to turn left


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