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Fish Love


About Fish Love


Fish Love is a fun logic game in the style of Pull The Pin in which you can pull out rods and connect two loving fish. Unlock to assist two fish in meeting.
The two devoted fish would like to spend Valentine's Day together, but they are separated by golden pins. Bring them out in the correct order and reunite the two lovers.

Hazards & dying:
This game contains a variety of hazards such as bombs, crabs, and lava.
You die if you come into contact with any of the hazards.
Hazards can sometimes cancel each other out.
When a bomb collides with a crab, both disappear.
Lava that comes into contact with a crab or a bomb remains lava. If any lava comes into contact with water, the water will evaporate without cooling the lava.
This game allows you to play as many times as you want.

The order in which you remove pins is important. When removing multiple lower pins, the fish and water have more momentum to carry them past obstacles than removing an upper pin.
Most levels do not require much timing precision other than getting the pins pulled in the correct order, but on a few levels, such as level 22, you must time the bomb fall to hit the crab.
Some stages have pipes near the bottom that output items near the level's top. In some cases, these pipes will also change the side of the screen where the item appears.


How to play

Use your mouse left-click button to select a pin to pull it.


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