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About Skytrip


Skytrip is a highly addictive running game. In this game, your mission is to help the coloured ball go as far as possible and unlock all levels.

The game is in a third-person perspective that feels more in harmony with the character. You will control the colourful ball and go on the road with alternating rows of coloured bricks. They look beautiful. When you go over a specific path, the ball and bricks of the line will change colour, which tells you that your score has increased significantly. You will receive several bonus points depending on the distance you conquer. However, this path is not easy at all. Large holes and grooves in the road will prevent you from going. You will fall off the track into the unknown space if you do not dodge in time. The holes and gaps are also getting wider and wider. You need to collect a lot of arrows to help you jump over holes more effectively. These arrows also create traps for you if you keep trying to rush into difficult places. The risk of falling off the track is also very high, so you need to pay more attention. Good luck and score as many points as you can.

Tips for Skytrip: 

  • Do not try to collect arrows when you feel it is too dangerous.
  • Hold the up arrow key for a long time to jump over the big holes.
  • Hold down the key combination to jump and adjust the ball.

How to play: 

Use “WASD” keys or arrow keys to control.



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